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                    Beiping Machine Tools specializes in the R&D and manufacturing of high-end intelligent equipment such as five-axis CNC tool grinding machines, internal and external circular compound grinding machines, intelligent grinding production lines and robots. The company has high-standard production plants in Wenling and Shanghai, Zhejiang, and introduces MAZAK, Hexagon, ZOLLER, MITUTOYO and other advanced production equipment and testing instruments, Beiping’s technical support team in Germany and the United States has been committed to the cutting-edge technology research of precision grinding, and has been the world’s leading aviation and automobile such as SANDVIK, SUMITUBE, Foxconn (FOXCONN), AVIC, Zhuzhou Diamond. , IT, machinery manufacturing, precision tools, precision parts manufacturers provide cost-effective grinding equipment and technical solutions.

                    Beiping Machine Tool is a creative and innovative national high-tech enterprise. Intelligent grinding equipment and CNC tool products such as five-axis CNC grinding machines strictly follow ISO quality management standards.


                    For the world famous aviation, IT, automotive, machinery manufacturing, precision tools, precision parts manufacturers to provide cost-effective grinding equipment and technical solutions.

                    Will develop into the world class precision tool grinder manufacturer

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                    It has passed the CE certification of TUV company and the certification of EN, 1S014000, etc

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                    Enterprises develop and absorb innovation by themselves

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                    To provide you with product information Contact

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